Best odds for betting on the Premier League

If you want to bet on the Premier League, it is important to find the bookmaker with the best odds. A seemingly small difference in odds, could result in a big money difference over an entire season.

Premier League odds at Unibet
Premier League odds
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An example

Let's say that you wager €50 on the favorite in a 1X2 Premier League bet every week at your online bookmaker, and let's say that the average odds for this favorite are 1.60 to 1.
Another bookmaker also offers this bet, but at 1.70 to 1 odds.

Many people think that this is too small of a difference to take all the trouble of opening a new account. But before you know it, the difference becomes considerable.

Suppose this bet is placed for 30 different games, and that you're able to predict 70% of this season's games correctly.

At the first bookmaker your result will be a total profit of €180. (70%*30*€50*0.60 - 30%*30*€50)
But if the odds are 1.70 in the same calculation, you will have won €285 at the end of the season, instead of €180. That's a difference of more than twice your weekly bet!

So if you want to bet regularly on Premier League football, you need to spend some time in finding the bookmaker with the best odds.

We can recommend signing up with online bookmaker Unibet, because not only do they often list the best odds for Premier League football, but also for countless other football leagues and popular sports.

New players will also receive a €60 first deposit bonus, to help them increase their winnings even more.

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