Unibet €60 sports betting bonus

Deposit bonus Unibet

When you open an account at online bookmaker Unibet by following this link, you will receive a bonus of 100% on your first deposit, up to a maximum of 60 euros.

How do I receive my Unibet bonus?

The first thing to do, is open an account and check the checkbox on the registration form that you want to use the Unibet sports betting bonus.

After opening an account, you can make your first deposit with Unibet. The minimum deposit amount is €10, and with a deposit of €60 or more you will receive the maximum bonus amount of €60 in your Unibet sports betting account. You can use this money immediately for sports betting.

Unibet bonus conditions

As usual with online bookmakers, the received bonus amount has to be wagered a number of times on sporting events, before the money can be withdrawn. This is called a 'roll-over requirement'.
In the case of this Unibet bonus, your bonus amount has to be wagered six times within 60 days of receiving it.
If you do not meet these conditions for releasing the bonus within 60 days, it will become void, and the funds will disappear from your account.

Releasing the bonus can be done by betting on pre-match odds, but also with live betting.

Depending on the odds of the chosen bets, a weighing factor is attributed to the betting amount, in order to determine the 'roll-over' amount. This applies to the odds for single bets, and for the total odds of a combination bet or parlay.
  • For odds less than or equal to 1.09: the roll-over amount is 25% of the wagered amount,
  • For odds higher than or equal to 1.10 and less than 1.20: 50%,
  • For odds higher than 1.20, the following applies:
    • Single bet: 100%. For live betting: 95%
    • 2-fold combination (Double): 105%. For live betting: 100%
    • 3-fold combination (Treble): 110%. For live betting: 110%
    • 4-fold combination: 115%. For live betting: 120%
    • 5-fold: 120%. For live betting: 120%
    • 6-fold: 130%. For live betting: 120%
    • 7-fold: 140%. For live betting: 120%
    • 8-fold: 150%. For live betting: 120%
    • 9-fold: 160%. For live betting: 120%
    • 10-fold: 170%. For live betting: 120%
    • 11-fold: 180%. For live betting: 120%
    • 12-fold: 200%. For live betting: 120%
For instance, when you bet €30 on a 3-fold (combination) bet with odds of 1.10, 1.05 and 1.15, then the combined odds are higher than 1.20 (1.328). The roll-over amount of your bonus will therefore be 110% of €30, so €33.

At almost all other online bookmakers, you can only release a deposit bonus by making bets at odds of 1.80 or higher, so compared to that this Unibet bonus is absolutely one of the best offers that you can find online right now.

It is possible that Unibet will change these bonus conditions at some point, so be sure to profit while it is still possible.
The current terms and conditions for releasing this bonus can be found at the Unibet website.

Do you want to profit from this Unibet bonus now? Then follow this link to go to the Unibet registration form.

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