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Tennis might be the most suitable sport for live betting. You can literally bet on any point, so with live betting you can earn money during every minute of a tennis game.

Live betting at Unibet
Live betting at Unibet
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Besides this, the odds for all bets automatically change after every played point, so if you are able to predict the course of a match, there is a lot of profit to be made.

A selection of the available bets for live betting in tennis:
  • Who will win the current game
  • Who will win the next set
  • Who will win the next set with handicap
  • Who will win the next game
  • Who will win the first point of the next game
  • What will be the total number of games in the set (over/under bet)
  • What will be the exact score of this set
  • What will be the exact score of the next game

Tips for live tennis betting

The most important tip for tennis live betting: be sure that you are watching the game. If there is no live stream, it is often unwise to bet on what will happen in the game, because the scores itself do not give you much information.

When a player loses multiple games in a row, several things could be happening. He (or she) could be very tired, but it could also be that he is actually saving his strength, to deliver the final blow in the next set.
On the other hand you can also have a player who seems to have all but won the match, but who has actually already used up all of his strength, which leads to him making one double fault and unforced error afer the other, and finally to lose the match.
The only way to properly judge this, is by watching the match with your own eyes.

It is also important to see how the players are doing both physically and mentally. Does the player still look fresh and fit? Or does he have trouble getting to some balls in time? A medical treatment often is a sign of what is to come, but it could also simply be a trick to buy some resting time.
And does the player have the support of the crowd? What is the atmosphere in the stadium like? How is he responding to that? Does he look confident or insecure when playing important points?

Unibet live calendar
Unibet live calendar
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By following the match closely, you can pick up a lot of information, which should allow you to place the correct bets during the course of the match.

Another important thing in live betting: keep your cool. If your first bets go wrong, don't try to cover your losses at all costs by making bets you didn't think through enough.
Maybe the course of this particular tennis match doesn't turn out to be as easy to predict as you initially thought, and then it's probably better to just let this one go and bet on another match instead.

Also, don't be misguided by heavily shifting odds. Because if the match odds for a player suddenly drop from 1.50 to 1.20, this doesn't always mean that the chances of that player have gone up accordingly.
In tennis betting, this more likely means that a lot of money has been bet on this player, which causes the bookmaker to make it more interesting for people to bet on the opponent, so that he can minimize his own risk of losing by balancing the amount of money placed on both sides.
This of course doesn't have anything to do with a player's actual chances of winning, so you should be aware of that.

Continue to analyze properly which odds should generate a profit given the current flow of the match, and place your bets based on that. This will generate a lot more money for you in the long run.

Live tennis betting at Unibet

Tennis statistics at Unibet
Tennis statistics at Unibet
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The live betting section at the Unibet sportsbook has been designed very well. At Unibet TV you can find many live streams of interesting games, and these live streams have been fully integrated in the live betting screen.

You can also find a complete 'live calendar' on the Unibet website, in which you can see all the upcoming tennis games available for live betting, and also which of these games will be streamed live at Unibet TV.

Of course, there is ample opportunity to study extensive statistics at the Unibet website, before the start of the game. All players, all results, all backgrounds - everything can be found to help you choose the best bets.

If you want to try the excellent live betting module at Unibet, then use this link to open an account at Unibet. New members receive a €60 welcome bonus on top of their first deposit.

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