Money back guarantee with Champions League betting

Online bookmaker Unibet offers a nice guarantee when you bet on Champions League football this season.

If the final score of a Champions League match is 0-0, you will get your money back if you have placed a losing bet at one of the following markets:
  • Correct Score
  • Half Time/Full Time (HT/FT)
  • First/Last Goal Scorer
This promotion does not just count for the group stages, but also for the Champions League knock-out phase - including the final. For these games the score after regular playing time is used, which is 90 minutes plus stoppage time.

Betting on the Correct Score
Betting on the Correct Score
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Betting on HT/FT
Betting on HT/FT

Betting on the first goal
Betting on the first goal

Only bets which have been placed before the start of the match count towards this promotion, so bets placed in the 'live betting' section are not eligable for this promotional refund.

Correct Score

When you bet on the correct score, you're predicting the exact score after regular playing time. If it comes to overtime and penalty kicks, those goals do not count for the bet.
If your correct score prediction was 0-0, the bet will of course be paid out.

The paybacks for these promotions do not count for 'correct half time score'.

Half Time/Full Time (HT/FT)

When you bet on Half Time/Full Time, you combine two 1X2 bets. For Champions League games, you can find this bet under the name 'HT/FT', which stands for Half Time/Full Time.

If, for instance, you predict a level score at half time, but a victory for the home team, then you should choose the 'X/1' bet.

First/Last Goal Scorer

You can find the market for first and last goal scorer under the 'player specials' listed at a specific football game.
Here you can predict which player will make the first or last goal in a game.

You can also bet on a certain player to score in the game or not, but these bets don't count for this money-back promotion.

If you placed one of these bets in a multiple or parlay, and the Champions League match ends in a 0-0 score, then this bet in your combination will be neutralized, and stand as a winning bet at odds of 1.00 to 1. The rest of your bet slip remains valid.

This offer makes Champions League betting at Unibet much more appealing.
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