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The 2014 FIFA World Cup will be watched by billions of people around the world. It promises to become more exciting than ever, but you can increase the tension and fun even more by placing some bets at online bookmaker Unibet.
In this article we'll give you our own best picks for the World Cup. Hopefully these betting tips will help you make some profitable bets this summer.

Who's going to win the World Cup?

Let's get right down to it and answer the big question: who is going to win the 2014 World Cup in Brazil? We are pretty sure about one thing: it's not going to be the bookmaker's favorite, home team Brazil.

In the last two editions of the tournament, Brazil wasn't able to make it past the quarter finals. Of course this country has a rich football history, and now they have the home advantage as well, but the reality is that they're currently only the number 10 of the world. Brazil is getting picked as the winner, but we think that's just a hype, and we're not going to go along with it.

The way we see it, Germany has the best shot of all the countries competing. It's got many players of Bayern Munich, currently the best club team in the world, and they've overtaken Spain in terms of quality. A German tournament victory pays out 6.50 to 1 at Unibet.

World Cup 2014 winner odds

For those who aren't afraid to go for something a little bit more unexpected, we've picked two outsiders as well. These two countries have both missed the last couple editions of the World Cup, and because of this they have no pressure on them whatsoever. But we think think they can do big things, and they are certainly underestimated by bookmaker Unibet.

The first country we speak of is Belgium. The 'Red Devils' are blessed with a golden generation, with many players under contract at some of the world's biggest club teams. They've shown skill throughout the last few years, in which they beat for instance their rivals and World Cup runner-up The Netherlands.
Of course, Belgium is not the absolute favorite for the title, but a small bet on the Red Devils to win pays out 17 to 1 at bookmaker Unibet. That's certainly a lot more than we had hoped for, so we're going to take advantage of this opportunity.

The second team that might just take home an unexpected win is Colombia. With players like Rodriguez and Zapata they have a deadly mix of experience and pure football class. Colombia plays fresh football, mostly offensive, but with a useful ability to switch gears. They actually came dangerously close to finishing ahead of Argentina in the South-American qualification.
A big advantage is that they are practically playing a home tournament, which means they'll have one of the biggest groups of supporters of all the competing countries. If you add everything up, the 22 to 1 odds look mighty good to us.

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There are a lot more things to bet on than just the tournament winner. Let's have a look at the eight groups for this World Cup, and see who we think has the best shot at making it to the second round.

Group A

Even though they probably aren't going to win the tournament, we predict an easy group victory for host country Brazil. So the 1.25 to 1 odds for this to happen at bookmaker Unibet are pretty much free money.
Behind Brazil, Mexico and Croatia are quoted equally at 2 to 1 to make it to the second round. Croatia had a tough last part of the qualifiers, with losses against Belgium and Scotland, and a draw against Iceland. We feel much more comfortable putting our money on Mexico, which is playing close to home.

Group B

In group B we find The Netherlands. They were runner up at the last World Cup in South-Africa, but it's clear to us that they have lost a lot of quality since then.
At Unibet, the Dutch are the second favorite to qualify for the second round, with 1.50 to 1 odds. The favorite is Spain, which has been quoted at 1.75 for a group win. Those odds for Spain are quite good in our view, but we don't like the numbers for the Dutch. We are much more inclined to go for Chile and their 2.05 to 1 odds for proceeding to the knock-out stages. Chile scored some impressive results against Spain (2-2), Colombia (3-3 after a 3-0 lead) and England (2-0).

Group C

Colombia looks to be headed for an easy win in Group C, and luckily the 1.67 to 1 odds they've been given are higher than we expected. A real opportunity if you ask us!
Most people seem to expect a tight battle between Japan, Greece and Ivory Coast for the remaining round 2 ticket. Our favorite to emerge as winner from this is Japan (quoted at 2.20 to 1), which held Netherlands at a draw, and even won against Belgium in practice matches. Ivory Coast (2 to 1 odds to qualify) has some big name players like the Touré brothers and Didier Drogba, but we expect the team's lack of organization and defensive qualities will become their downfall.

Group D

England has been quoted at 1.62 to 1 to earn a spot in the second round, and if they manage to win their group, you get paid out 3.10 times your wager. We think it could be possible in a group with Italy, Uruguay and Costa Rica.
What's interesting at bookmaker Unibet, is that Uruguay has been quoted at 2.85 to 1 for a group win. This country qualified through the play-offs, but we haven't forgotten that they were in the semi-finals last time around. They are England's main rival for a group win, and we could understand a bet on any of these two countries.

We know this means that Italy will go out, but we're simply not convinced that they'll be able to pull it of in this strong group. They like to play with fire, and when you play with fire, you're bound to get burned sometimes.

World Cup football 2014 Group D

Group E

France began their qualifying matches poorly and had to resort to play-offs to secure a place in the World Cup, but we think that the best is yet to come for this team. A group win is still a bit too risky though, and the odds for a spot in the second round are a bit low with 1.20 to 1.
Ecuador on the other hand is quoted at 4.50 to 1 for a group win, and we believe that this is a golden opportunity. The team qualified directly, and we honestly don't expect they'll get in any real trouble against Switzerland or Honduras. Bookmaker Unibet is quite simply wrong in this case, and we're certainly going to take advantage of that!

Group F

It's as clear as anything that Argentina is going to win Group F. The team can count on a huge crowd to support them, and they face a considerably weaker opposition in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Nigeria, and Iran. Argentina to win the group pays out 1.20 to 1, and this is a classic case of free money if you ask us.
Oddly enough, Nigeria and Bosnia have been quoted almost equally for making the knock-out stages (1.95 and 1.85 to 1, respectively). We think Bosnia has a lot more quality though. Bookmaker Unibet is probably confused because Nigeria drew 2-2 against Italy, but we know that the Italians are not too serious about friendly games. So, Bosnia it is.

Group G

Germany is going to win their group with little to no opposition, and the 1.55 to 1 given for this by bookmaker Unibet is very generous.
Portugal is a real tournament team, and the majority expects that Christiano Ronaldo's country will make it into the second round. But their first match is against Germany, and we are convinced that Germany will win that one. After that, it will be very difficult for Portugal to regroup and get the points they need.

So there is a very real chance that either Ghana (3 to 1 for qualification) or the US (4 to 1) will claim the second place in this group.

Group H

We assume that Belgium is going to win group H. With such a talented team, they are more or less obligated to do so. A group win for Belgium is quoted at 1.60 to 1, and that's a bet we'll gladly add to our list.

World Cup football 2014 Group H

Belgium's group victory will have to come at the expense of Russia, South Korea, and Algeria. We really don't expect a lot from that last country. It's surprising that Russia to qualify is quoted at 1.45 to 1 at Unibet, while South Korea pays considerably better with 2.30 to 1. The way we see it, these countries are pretty much equal in strength, so it's clear that we'd much rather bet on the Koreans.

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Who will score the most goals?

We think it's very strange that Lionel Messi is the favorite to score the most goals in the World Cup at bookmaker Unibet. Because even though he scores so easily at FC Barcelona, he often has trouble to do the same in the Argentinian national team.

Because the pay-outs on these bets are so high, it's smart to place a bet on 2 or even 3 players. We'll certainly place one on our favorite Luis Suárez, who has shockingly been quoted at a massive 18 to 1. He scores so easily at Liverpool this season, and he's also the big man in team Uruguay.

As an outsider pick we'd like to add Germany's Miroslav Klose. In the dominant German team he's guaranteed to get a lot of scoring opportunities. Klose is not the kind of man who misses a whole lot of chances, so we consider the 35 to 1 he's getting a real bargain!

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Even more bets

We've had a look at the three most prominent type of World Cup bets, but at Unibet, you can bet on many more aspects of this tournament. How far do the teams make it exactly? Will Neymar score a hattrick? And will we have a first-time winner?
There are literally thousands of possibilities in betting on World Cup football, and we recommend you have a look at the Unibet website to see which bets suit you the most. Naturally, there are also countless of options to bet on every individual game, even after they've already started!

Bonus money

And finally, don't forget to pick up the bonus that awaits every new player at bookmaker Unibet. New members can enjoy the insurance of a risk-free bet, and of course the World Cup is the ideal moment to put that free money to work!

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